Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome Worms!

My worms were fashionably late to join the composting party I had thrown for them, but what can you do? They arrived today in a box with a "perishable" sticker on them. Yup, don't want to kill the worms!

I open the box to find the worms contained in a draw string bag. It doesn't look like there are a lot of worms in the bag, the the box also contained a letter that explained worms lose a lot of weight while being shipped and will be back to their "old selves" within a few days.

I took off the lid to the composting tower I had set up last week and gently placed the worms inside. Then, of course, I had to play with them a bit. When I held the ball of worms, it felt like when you go to the beach and hold a live sand dollar; you can feel the tiny movements of the worms like the feet on the sand dollar, but you can't actually see much.

The instructions said not to try to scatter the worms; they'll find their way on their own. I tucked them under the newspaper bedding and welcomed them home. Man I am a nerd...but a happy nerd :)

To another corner of the tower, I added the food scraps I've been saving for the past couple of days. My booklet said that the biggest mistake is to feed the worms too much, and that is a tendency I have anyway with people guests, I wonder if I did that with my new worm friends. We'll see.This system is not supposed to stink; if you have bad smells it means something is wrong...stay tuned!

The last thing I did was add another empty tray on top of the "working" tray and fill that with dry shredded paper. This was one tip I read to discourage fruit flies from leaving the compost and then dying. Fingers crossed!
All set! I'm officially composting in the city!

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