Monday, August 6, 2012

Cloth napkins: not for special occasions

Cloth napkins: not for special occasions

You may have noticed that in my food photography, there is often a cloth napkin nearby. This isn't just for show; I really do only use cloth napkins if I can help it. 

Cloth napkins add that special touch to a dinner party or picnic, they're greener than paper napkins and
Folded; no ironing please!
they're more sturdy and protect your work clothes better too. Why, then, aren't we using them more? 

I think we are too worried about the work needed to use and maintain napkins. However, if we give ourselves permission to just not iron them, not to worry about staining them and not to worry if they're matching, there is a lot less to worry about!

Trash can to neatly collect dirty napkins and towels before being washed.
We can be misguided with our worries about using cloth napkins. And so, I have invited Miss Guided over for an interview to address the main concerns inhibiting our use of cloth napkins. I hope this will encourage you to get yours out or to pick some up!

An interview with Miss Guided: Cloth Napkins

Miss Guided (MG): Holly, doesn't it take a lot of work to iron all of those cloth napkins?
Holly Larson (HL): Miss Guided, I don't iron the napkins at all! I avoid ironing like the plague. In fact, I had to search the house high and low to even find my iron when a house guest wanted to use it.
MG: *gasps* If I understand you correctly, you're using wrinkled napkins, in public?
HL: Yes. Not only that, I use them for dinner parties, on picnics, in my packed lunch and for brunches
MG: Holly, do your napkins match?
HL: Nope; I have collected them over the years from outlet malls, thrift stores and  have received them as gifts. Cloth napkins are also available for purchase from and other online stores.
MG: Do your friends call you a hooligan for displaying mismatched and wrinkled napkins?
HL: Not to my face
MG: (Miss Guided faints)
HL: Holly pats Miss Guided's face with a damp cloth napkin. Oh, the irony. 

Tip: if you hang your napkins to dry, fold them in half and hang them evenly over the wire; this way they're a snap to pull off when they're dry. The napkins will already be folded into fourths and save you time.

Hung to dry; no electricity needed
Folded; no ironing please!

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  1. Ok. So my favorite thing about cloth napkins? You can use them for like. Days. Unless you are eating BBQ. I found out this trick from Marny, actually. She just uses it for a meal and sticks it back in the high class napkin ring. Ready for later! No need to wash it after ever meal. Just dont let it get stinky!

  2. I love this post! Cloth napkins absolutely add a special touch to a meal. The small trash bin is a great idea too - you can keep it right in the kitchen/dining room.


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