Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cauli-fail or Cauli-fun?

I have been seeing the trend of people using cauliflower as a substitute for pizza crust or cheesy bread, cauliflower to replace some or all of the potato in mashed potato and newest to me - chopped cauliflower in place of rice. Carbohydrates are not the enemy, but as many of us are focusing our diets too heavily on them, I thought I'd give this trick a try.

I used the food processor to chop the cauliflower florets into tiny pieces. I warmed up a skillet and melted a wee bit of butter and added some crushed garlic. The kitchen was smelling nice - but when does butter and garlic not make you hungry? I added the cauliflower bit to the pan and sauteed them until they were tender. I scooped them into a serving bowl, seasoned them with a bit of salt and pepper and readied my palate for a forkful of rice.


To me, it just tasted like little cauliflower bits. It didn't taste like rice at all. Shoot.

Why do I post this? I have no intention of discouraging those who do like this, if you like it, rock on. And it isn't that I disliked it, it just did a poor job of faux-rice. The cauliflower tasted like, well, cauliflower.

I post this report to remind people that things aren't always smooth sailing. Even for experienced cooks, things can go awry. And you know what? That's ok! If you are expecting your cooking experiments to be fool-proof, you're being foolish. There is no guarantee of success in (or out) of the kitchen. Does this mean you should set down your whisk and unplug your blender? Absolutely not. You are going to make some cooking masterpieces and learn from everything you try.

There you go - a behinds the scenes look at a dietitian's kitchen - it isn't all perfect, and that's ok! So, get in the kitchen, have some fun, get messy and make mistakes!

Reader poll: What kitchen experiment went awry for you?

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