Monday, March 25, 2013

Healthy Easter basket ideas

Easter is just around the corner and for those of you celebrating Easter with your kids, you may be looking for some ideas for their baskets that won't have them bouncing off the walls. I am not one to recommend banning all sweets, but I do think that there is room for other lower-sugar and less-junky items and even better; some non-food items that your kids will love.

Bring on the fruit: fruit is naturally sweet, so while it is a source of sugar, that sugar is packaged with other good nutrients and fiber.
  • Fruit leathers : these taste better than their gummy cousins and have only fruit for their ingredients. You can buy them or make your own using your slow cooker (and this recipe comes with a facial too!).
  • Chocolate covered fruit: look for a short ingredient list and dark chocolate; milk chocolate has much more added sugar.
  • Sugarless gum: helps promote tooth health. Make sure the kids are old enough to not swallow the gum. 
Ready, set, action: wouldn't it be great if the kids were entertaining themselves so that the parents can catch up and enjoy their cup of coffee?  You can make that happen.
  • Chinese jump rope: this is a great activity for kids to try that can fit in mom's purse or dad's pocket. 
  • Garden supplies: it is studied again and again that kids who help grow vegetables eat them! Get your garden started with some seeds (try the Little Bunny Garden), a how-to book for gardening in containers with your kids or even a pint-sized wheelbarrow
  • Play Dough: fun for everyone and you can look for colors to match the occasion
  • Bubbles: best if you have nice weather and access to the outdoors. Probably not ideal for inside church or grandma's house.
Get crafty: Everyone is happier when they have something fun to do. Be prepared with a few simple activities and the day will 
    • Glitter Easter Tattoos: What kid doesn't love temporary tattoos? I still do love 'em and we can even find Easter themed versions.Stickers are another fun option.
    • Crayons or markers: just make sure they stick to paper and don't write on the walls!
    • A new coloring book would pair nicely with the new crayons! 
    You don't have to center the holiday around sugar. A small sweet treat is nice, but round out the celebration with family time and non-food fun. Happy holidays!

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