Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why I Bike: Alix

When did you learn to ride your bike? Who taught you?

My father taught me to ride a bike when I was wee high to a grasshoppers eye.  I remember peddling my first bike––pink with a white banana seat and streamers on the handlebars––down the street in front of my house. 

In what city and state do you live? 
Bronx, New York

What is the biking culture like there?
There is not a biking culture in the Bronx.  While in Manhattan bike lanes and paths are becoming more common, there are still very few up here.  Riding down Broadway is quiet the adventure, maybe challenge is a better word.  Trying to dodge glass in the road while watching out for crazy cab drivers and pedestrians keeps your senses on high alert.  Although, in recent years I have noticed more people taking to bikes as a mode transportation.

What kind of bikes do you have?
I own a Trek mountain bike, and a Raleigh road bike.  I've owned my mountain bike for years, but since buying my road bike a year ago have only risen it once!  Yikes, guess that makes me a road cycling fanatic now!

How often do you ride your bike?
During the spring, summer and fall I ride my bike to work as much as possible, and ride every weekend for fun!  But, during the winter my bikes are locked up in my apartment because I am a wimp and don't ride in the cold!
 I wish drivers...
Paid more attention to their surroundings, and didn't text or talk on their cell phones while driving!

I would ride my bike even more if...
I lived where there wasn't a winter to contend with.

My favorite bike snack___________
Almonds and bananas (but not together).

My favorite piece of bike gear is
My Terry Falcon bike seat with the middle cut out -- much needed to keep a happy bottom and pelvic bone!

Do you ride your bike in all weather?
No!  I am a wimp and can't ride in the cold.

Do you own a car?
Yes, but I only use it to escape the city or go to Costco (haven't figured out how to strap the mega-large tubs of hummus and gigantic bags of almonds to my bike yet).

I mostly ride my bike ___
for touring and commuting.

My favorite thing about riding my bike....
Meeting other cyclists and making new friends who also love their bikes.

The coolest trip I’ve done on my bike….
This is a toss up between the 2012 Climate Ride and a 5 day ride through Czech Republic...

Climate Ride was a 5 day, 300+ ride from NYC to DC to raise awareness of climate change issues and bicycle advocacy.  The ride was one of the most inspirational experiences I have ever participated in, from the amazing landscapes and hardcore hills to the inspirational people cycling along side me!

In the Czech Republic I rode through the countryside on a trail bike for 5 days with my friend Liz in the spring of 2011.  Our bags we transported separately from town to town by locals, and we took to the trails and roads with nothing but a map and granola bars each morning.  Such a bonding experience and definitely an adventure of a lifetime!  Loved every moment, even when we were lost in the middle of the forest for half a day.

The bike trip I’m dying to do…
Riding through the Italian wine country… eating and drinking my way from one town to another!

Does your house/apt/work have special accommodations that make biking more feasible?
I am lucky that my workplace––The American Museum of Natural History––lets me bring my bike into my office with me!  Although, we also have bike racks in the parking garage, so if I wasn't such a freak about my bike, I'd just leave it locked up out there.  My apartment building has a bike room, but when I am using my bike frequently (Spring-Fall), I keep my road bike in my apartment for easier/quicker access.

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