Monday, April 8, 2013

Entertaining? Serve a mocktail to keep the party rolling for everyone.

Cool Cucumber Mojito water
The weather is warming up and we are having thoughts of grill outs and back yard parties. Bring on the sunshine and vitamin D!

While many of us choose to drink alcohol, there are several people who may wish to pass. Unfortunately, there is significant social pressure to do so and as soon as you reach for a bottle of water or soda, suddenly people may feel entitled to your life story. It is none of their business. Serving a mocktail, a non-alcoholic drink, may just help smooth things over and keep the party rolling for everyone.

Alcoholism is a disease that may come with emotional baggage of shame; it is personal, and while recovery is still being cultivated, it may be very difficult to talk about. Fear of "failure", not being able to resist an alcoholic drink, may prevent a person from attending parties. Or the pressure to explain their drink choices may also keep them at home. Alcoholism is more prevalent in men than in women. Estimates for the US are 10-20% of men and 5-10% of women experience alcoholism at some point in their life.  Worldwide rates vary.

We don't recommend a women who is pregnant to consume alcohol. While a woman is trying to get pregnant or in the early stages of pregnancy, she may not wish to share the news. Having a mocktail helps to keep her private news private.

Moderate alcohol consumption, 1 drink a day for women and 1-2 drinks per day for men (and not saving all of them for the weekend) may have health benefits. However, they do come with a significant calorie punch. Per gram, alcohol is second only to fat in calories, and nearly double that of protein and carbohydrates. For folks working on weight loss, cutting alcohol is a great strategy to reach their goals.

Certain medications, being the designated driver and religious preferences are more reasons folks may skip the booze. While many of your party goers may enjoy the alcoholic drinks you serve, you never know who may wish to have an alternative. Choose your favorite drinks, but also make something else available - seltzer water, a mocktail and lemonade are all good choices.

Here is my recipe for Cool Cucumber Mojito water. Good for parties and to keep at your desk.

Let the good times roll!

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