Monday, August 19, 2013

Kitchen Basics: How to cube an avocado

There is no substitute for some basic knife skills and a good knife. And is saves you buying silly gimmicks like a banana slicer. Really? A monkey and a butter knife can get things gone.

Same goes for an avocado: no need for those gadgets that slice them. You can do it!
  • Find a ripe avocado. They change color from light green to darker brownish-black as they ripen. They should be slightly soft to the touch, but not mushy.
  • Hold your sharp chefs knife in your dominate hand and the avocado in the other. Use the knife to slice around the pit. Put the knife down and twist the two halves apart. 
  • Hold the half with the pit in your hand and aim for the pit with your knife; this will lodge the knife in your pit (and not your fingers). Twist the knife and the pit should pop right out.
  • Use a smaller knife to cut the avocado flesh into slices or cubes right in the skin. 
  • Use a soup spoon to scoop out your perfect cubes or slices and you're ready to top your lovely salad or sandwich or to whip up a batch of award winning guacamole!

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