Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kitchen Tips: Check out your thrift store for treasures!

When was the last time you went to the thrift store? I love going. It is like a hunt for treasures. Yes, there is a lot of junk to be weeded through, and no, you can't always find exactly what you were looking for, but you may be surprised with the cool, affordable stuff that you do find.

I am setting up my new office and am loving the space. While I do have quite the epic collection of kitchen utensils and toys, there were a few things I was missing. I needed some smaller mixing bowls, a pancake flipper, a heavy ice-cream scoop (useful for getting the seeds out of winter squash) and some glass canisters for storage.

I found some excellent heavy metal mixing bowls in three small sizes, exactly what I needed for six dollars total. I found two great glass storage canisters for 1.69 total.

I struck out on the pancake flipper and the ice-cream scoop.

I did, however, find the cutest little juice glasses. They are the appropriate serving size. And for my 100% juice they're 100% adorable. The cost for all three? 99 cents. 

The point is, we're pretty quick to run to a big box store for stuff. These days they can be pretty crappy quality or really expensive to get the good stuff. At the thrift store, you just may find the good stuff for an awesome price. It may be some hunting, but you just may find something great!

I did go to the grocery store and bought the pancake flipper. I'm still hunting for the perfect ice-cream scoop :)

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