Saturday, October 19, 2013

Guest Posting: A Walk a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Some people may say than a apple a day keeps the doctor away, and while this may be true, so can a little exercise. Tis the season for delectable treats, such as pumpkin pies, apple picking, maybe even a little turkey and stuffing.

How do we keep these calories and consumptions of elaborate meals under control? Take a walk! Its that easy. The recommended daily amount of exercise is thirty minutes. Many of us travel long distances to work or school by driving, and once we are there we sit at a desk for most of the day. For others, work may be closer to home. Consider walking or biking to work or school to help the environment and your health.

To increase your exercise, start by making a plan. Pack a gym bag with walking shoes and a change of clothes. This can be handy during a lunch hour or after work. Taking a bag lunch and walking to a different location to eat is another good way to gain some exercise.

There are many different ways to accomplish a thirty minute goal. As the weather is changing, so can your outlook on exercise! Staying healthy doesn't just have to do with the food we consume, but also how we treat our bodies. Spending a little extra time to walk the dog around the block or take a family bike ride to the park can easily help your health and your heart.
Guest blog post and photo by Sarah Nagy, third-year undergraduate student at Miami University. Thank you for sharing, Sarah!

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