Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trick or Treat: fun alternatives to candy

Its almost that time when a parade of cute and scary kiddos will be ringing your bell and chanting "trick or treat!". The majority of houses will be passing out candy and other sweet treats. As a dietitian, I enjoy a sweet treat now and then, but have a hard time buying into our current philosophy that it has to be junk to celebrate a special occasion. I would even say that it doesn't have to be food!

It is easy to say "it is just once a year" and "it is a special occasion", but the truth is, while Halloween is just once a year, it is possible that your kiddo will have a school party too and that they'll be digging into that bag of sugar for days or even weeks to come.And then comes the next holiday, and the next. The sugar continues!

Here are a few non-candy ideas that kiddos will be excited about and aren't sugar:
  • stickers
  • temporary tattoos - especially Halloween themed!
  • markers -one per kiddo
  • coins - kids like money!
  • 4-pack of crayons
  • packet of seeds - they'll be on mega sale now!
  • small bubble containers - check out bridal stores
  • tiny play dough containers
  • a mini pumpkin to decorate at home
  • a paper party favor bag filled with air popped popcorn
Most folks will continue that candy tradition. But, just in case you're seeking an alternative, this posting is for you! And if your school is going cake free, these are some ideas for your next classroom party

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  1. Yeah, that is a good idea. Its going to contribute to better health of kids.


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