Monday, November 11, 2013

10 Easy Substitutions for a Healthier Lifestyle

Grass Roots Nutrition aims to put the focus back on the kitchen and cooking healthy meals in order to lead to a healthier lifestyle. Sounds hard, right? It doesn't have to be! Here are 10 easy-as-can-be substitutions that can put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle before you know it! So read up and see how many swaps you can make!

1.       Interval workout instead of a relaxed run: Try a run with sprinting intervals paired with recovery walks. The small recovery time will give you enough of a break that you will be able to work longer than you would just straight running, plus it will make you faster!
2.       Zumba instead of the elliptical: This upbeat dance workout will have you forgetting you’re even burning calories (that is, until you’re done and can’t catch your breath…or get out of bed the next morning!). The mix of cardio and strength training paired with fun, modern songs will blow that boring machine of the park any day of the week.
3.       Farmer’s market instead of grocery store: If that farmer’s market is coming to town, take advantage of it! You’d be amazed by how different fruits and veggies taste when they’re truly fresh and in season. Pick up some fresh veggies and bring them home to make a salad your whole family will enjoy!
4.       Whole fruit instead of fruit juice: You might think by pouring yourself a large glass of apple juice you’re fulfilling your daily recommendation of fruit, but by choosing an apple instead you get all the nutrients WITHOUT losing the fiber. So ditch the cup and go for the core!
5.       Raw spinach instead of iceberg: A salad is a good choice, However, you can make it even better by loading it with spinach (filled with iron!). If spinach is a new flavor for you, start by having a half iceberg-half spinach salad so you can work your way up to a full bowl of leafy greens.
6.       Brown rice instead of white rice: Make that Chipotle burrito, or anything else, as healthy as possible by choosing brown rice instead of white. Brown rice contains more nutrients, such as fiber, than white rice does.
7.       Eating lots of small meals instead of a few big ones: Society has set normal eating signs at approximately 8am, 12pm, and 5pm…but what if you’re hungry other times? Instead of waiting until these set eating times and binging out, eat small, healthy meals every two hours or so to keep yourself full and satisfied.
8.       To-go box instead of super-sized serving sizes: When you’re out to eat with friends or family, before you take a bite of yours-or someone else’s- meal, ask for a to-go box. Put half of your dish into the box and then eat, that way you won’t risk overeating. .
9.       Quick nap instead of energy drink: Next time you’re feeling down and tired, hop in bed for a quick power nap instead of chugging that red bull. Energy drinks contain tons of sugars and often lead to a crash later on. Even if you can’t fall asleep, just getting to relax all cozy in bed will replenish your energy.
10.   Gratitude instead of complaining: You can’t be healthy on the outside if you’re not healthy on the inside! When you have a negative thought or want to complain about something, instead think about something great in your life and be thankful for it! Remember how blessed you are and don’t take it for granted! 

Guest posting by Emily Iammarino, a freshman nutrition major at Miami University and current Grass Roots Nutrition intern.

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  1. Great post! I am currently a dietetic intern and love all the ideas you have posted. From working with patients I have seen that some of these changes can be difficult especially with certain ethnic groups. But overall, they are awesome suggestions :-)


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