Monday, January 6, 2014

8 Tips to Lower Added Sugar

We are eating too much sugar! Some comes from our desserts and treats. Sugar really adds up from sweet drinks. And with the added sugars in everything from ketchup to sausage, it is no wonder we are having too much! 
  • Use Less: our tongue is used to our current level of sugar and can adapt to be perfectly happy with less. Taper the amount of sugar in your coffee, tea and sauces.
  • Substitute Flavor for Sugar: instead of sugar in your coffee, add cinnamon powder, ground cloves, nutmeg or vanilla. 
  • Have Water Instead of Soda:  add fruit or herbs such as peaches or mint to your water for flavor and enjoy plain hot or cold tea for variety.
  • Skip the Sauces: many packaged sauces, dressings and marinades are full of sugar - check out those ingredients! Did you know that a spoonful of ketchup has twice the sugar as a spoonful of ice-cream?
  • Swap Your Sauce: Not excited about a plain sandwich? Try mustard, hummus, balsamic vinegar or avocado slices instead of ketchup, BBQ, sweet and sour or other sweetened sauce.
  • Have Fruit for Dessert: I grew up having dessert after most dinners so I have a hard time feeling like a meal is complete without something sweet. Instead of making myself feel deprived, I focus on having dark chocolate, fruit (banana slices with cinnamon is delicious), dried dates or other whole food choice that I can feel good about. And then sometimes, I have a slice of cake, truly enjoy it and move on with my life.
  • Get to the bottom of your cravings: are you using sweets to mollify your stress? If you're craving sweets, investigate your stressors: can you cross something off your list? Take a walk? Have a glass or water.
  • Brush your teeth: instead of reaching for dessert, brush your teeth. Cake may no longer sound so sweet!
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