Thursday, January 30, 2014

Product Review: AquaTally

Grass Roots Nutrition had the opportunity to learn about a new product called the AquaTally: a cup that is designed up make it easy to keep track of your water intake each day!

  • Easy to drink from (straw)
  • Convenient to carry
  • Doesn’t spill
  • Helps me drink more and be more aware of how much
  • Good to-go cup
  • Eco-friendly since it is reusable
  • Hard to wash by hand
  • Not as easy as bottled water
  • Have to fill it up more often than a large water bottle
  • Plastic can crack
Overall: Like the product, convenient for me to keep track of how much I drink, I will continue to use the product, I also like drinking from straws and like that it does not spill easily.

This is a guest posting by Ariana!
Ariana is a senior studying Nutrition at Miami University, she is an intern at Grass Roots Nutrition and love to eat delicious real food. Ariana is an avid soccer player.

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