Monday, January 13, 2014

Why BrideBod needs to be a part of your wedding budget

  • We have limited nutrition education - if you don't know how to read a food label, why we need carbohydrates, or what a vitamin is, how can you evaluate what you need to be healthy and avoid quacks who aren't invested in your health and wellness
  • We have a lot of quacks (who sound smart) - a registered dietitian is your nutrition expert you can trust
  • Learning to cook efficiently saves you time and money
  • Food manufacturers want to sell food - not health - on our grocery store tour, you'll learn to navigate the store like a champ!
  • BrideBod fits your busy schedule - services are available in Oxford and Cincinnati, via skype, phone and in person
  • The Real Food Challenge is an exciting 3-week challenge that connects you to seasonal eating and provides you with new recipes and menus
  • Your future spouse is invited too - learning together keeps you two united as a team and sets you two up for success (preventing the common weight gain after marriage)
  • Cooking lessons are an awesome experience for you and your bridesmaids
  • Holly Larson is a registered dietitian. She is providing education, not selling meal plans or shakes you need to buy forever - her goal is for you and your health to be self sufficient
  • Real food is delicious.  

BrideBod: Cultivate Your Marriage on a Foundation of Health and Wellness



"Holly at BrideBod is such an amazing coach and cheerleader! She has changed how I view healthy eating. Instead of saying, “Now you eat vegetables. No more cake for you.”, she says eat your vegetables and once in a while eat a little cake! She reinforces the things you should know: eat fruits and veggies and moderation is the key. But she doesn't make you feel guilty for slipping a little. Because you aren't just changing your body, you're changing your life when you let Holly guide you!"

Thanks, Holly!

Finally Getting It!

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