Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Planning, Preparation, and Progress; Nutrition for a Busy Schedule

What’s one of the most used excuses for why someone can’t get healthy? “I’m just too busy!” Well, I’m here to punch a hole right through that logic…because you CAN be healthy , even when you’re busy.
Here are 4 easy ways to incorporate wellness  in your everyday life:
  1. Meal Prep: Have a 9-5 job that never quite ends at 5? Or maybe you’re a full time student who spends more time in the classroom than in your own home and just feel like you don’t have the time (or energy) to cook a healthy dinner when you get home? Plan ahead! Pick a day, maybe a Saturday or Sunday when you may have a block of time, and cook  your meals ahead of time.  Pop them in the freezer. Then, when you get home all you have to do is heat your  dinner! It’s dinner fast, without being fast food.

  1. Keep Snacks Handy: Sometimes you’re hungry and it seems like the only quick option you have is to make a stop at the  vending machine…well this wouldn’t be necessary if you already had a snack with you! If you carry a purse or backpack, throw a bag of almonds or dried fruit in the pocket so you have a healthy option if the hungries strike. Or, if you’re at a desk all day, store a bag of trail mix in the drawer or fresh fruit in the office fridge. Avoid the vending machine by being prepared with a better option!

  1. Write It Down: No matter what you spend your days doing, there’s a good chance you are writing at some point…whether it’s on a computer, a cell phone, or notepad. So while you’re already jotting stuff down, take a moment to write down what you ate that day. It doesn’t have to be super detailed, just an overview of all your meals and snacks. Having to write it down will keep you accountable. This can help you visualize the ways you can make your diet healthier, and only takes a few minutes!

  1. Plan by Season: Knowing what fruits and vegetables are in season when can be a great asset. Spend a day at the beginning of each season planting fruits and vegetables in your own garden! This way you have healthy snacks or side dishes right in your backyard to eat whenever you please! Not only is it quick and easy, but by knowing where your food came from you can be secure in knowing it’s a healthy choice! 

Guest posting by Emily!
Emily is a freshman nutrition and dietetics major at Miami University and is the social media intern for Grass Roots Nutrition. She loves cooking healthy, nutritious snacks for her family, her favorite snack to make is hummus!

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