Thursday, May 29, 2014

Planning, Preparation, and Progress: Fitness for a Busy Schedule

The “I’m just too busy to go to the gym” excuse is no more, because you can be healthy on a busy schedule, and I’m going to show you how!

Here are 4 ways to incorporate fitness into a busy lifestyle: 

1.            At-home Equipment: Sometimes driving to the gym (or walking a mile, yes a mile, to the rec in my case) just isn’t an option with a busy schedule, so stock up at home! You can find nice yoga mats for low prices (I got mine at Marshalls for $15!) and free weights almost anywhere, so pick up a few and keep them at home for those times you can’t make it to the gym. Just because you’re not in a fitness setting doesn’t mean you can’t get a quality workout in!

2.            Multi-task: It may seem like you have no time to set aside for a workout, but just think about other things you do in your free time and add some exercises in! Watching TV? Do sit-ups and push-ups during every commercial break! Reading a book? Do bicep curls at the start of every chapter! Taking a shower? Do calf raises while you wash your hair! Get creative and find different ways to get fit!

3.            Join a Community: You don’t have to pay crazy money for a personal trainer, there are tons on the internet for free! Do some research and find something that appeals to you! A few examples are Blogilates, a blog about Pilates (get it? Blog-ilates!) that posts workout videos on YouTube, or Fitness Blender, a site that posts full workouts focused on varying goals. Having free workouts available online at your convenience will make working out so much quicker and easier, so no more excuses!

4.            Swap Your Wheels: A great way to get fit in the warmer weather is to swap your car for a bike! Think about all of the places you drive to on a daily basis…how many of these are close enough to bike to? And this doesn’t mean it can’t be more than two miles away, challenge yourself! Hopping on your bike instead every once in a while will not only help you get fit, but it helps our environment! Win-win!

Guest Blog by Emily!
Emily is a freshman nutrition and dietetics major at Miami University and is the social media intern for Grass Roots Nutrition. She loves cooking healthy, nutritious snacks for her family, her favorite snack to make is homemade hummus!  

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