Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just One More

I think we can easily foil our goals and good intentions on the slippery slope of "just one more". This thought came to me this morning as I was snoozing "just one more time"...which slid into 4 more times.


I think we fool ourselves with this too often: just one more bite, just one more cookie, just one more cuppa coffee.

How can we reformulate?

Awareness needs to come first. Where am I using this phrase?

Decide if this is supporting your health goals. No? Then shorten the phrase to "just one".
  • Just one snooze
  • Just one handful of almonds
  • Just one bite of ice-cream

Some folks do well with moderation - so one cookie or one snooze helps them to stay on track in the long run because they do not feel deprived.

Others do best with abstinence; just one will lead to just one more and just one more. If you feel that may help you best, "not now" may be the best phrase for you.
  • Just one snooze? Not this morning
  • Just one chip? Not today
So, my goal for tomorrow morning is to simply get up, and stay up, when the alarm goes off. Just one snooze? Not this morning.

Have a great morning!

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