Friday, October 10, 2014

Guest Post: 3 Tips and a recipe for healthy snacking on campus!

As a college junior, I know firsthand how difficult it can be not only to find time to eat on busy days, but to find healthy and delicious options to choose from on campus. Between classes, studying, sports, work, club meetings, and other activities, eating often becomes less of a priority. Because food fuels our bodies and minds, having healthy snacks is incredibly important, especially for college students! In contrast, sometimes food on campus is too available, and frequently very tempting (i.e. the bakery at the on campus coffee shop).

In order to help understand the value of healthy snacks, I have put together a list of tips and tricks for beating the ever-daunting “Freshman 15” while still finding time to enjoy the food college dining services have to offer.

Tip #1:  Eat a Good Breakfast!
Often, classes beginning early in the morning do not allow much time for a big breakfast. By making something like oatmeal while still in your dorm room, you can stay fuller longer and remain alert in class. Add a chopped apple, nuts, and some cinnamon to really pump up the taste!

Tip #2: Plan Meals Based on Your Class Schedule
At the beginning of each semester, take a look at your upcoming class schedule and decide when and where you will eat your meals. This way, you will have a plan and be less tempted to eat something that may not be the healthiest option.

Tip #3: Pack Healthy Snacks for Long Days
College schedules can be crazy, and the days can get long. By packing healthy, nutrition rich foods such as a homemade trail mix or an apple with a small container of peanut butter, you will not have to worry if you don’t have time to grab lunch, and you won’t go hungry on those long day

Healthy Trail Mix On-The-Go!

·        ¾ cup Cheerios Cereal
·        ¼ cup dried Cranberries
·        ¼ cup almonds or peanuts
·        ¼ cup sunflower kernels

 Combine ingredients in a sandwich size Ziploc bag and enjoy!

For planning purposes, make multiple bags over the weekend and store in the refrigerator to grab on the way to class or work!

Guest post by Kristin!
Kristin is a junior Nutrition and Dietetics major at Miami University. This year, Kristin is interning with Grass Roots Nutrition and will be a co-host of the 21-Day Real Food Challenge. In her free time, she loves to run and figure skate. Her favorite fruit is pineapple, and she loves to try new recipes, especially ones that include pumpkin in the fall!     

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