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I have been studying nutrition since I could check out the food pyramid on my box of cheerios. I have augmented that cereal education with my Bachelor of Science in Human and Consumer Sciences from Ohio University and my Master of Science in Clinical Dietetics at The Ohio State University. 

And because I love to dig in the dirt, I am completing my certificate in Commercial Urban Agriculture at Growing Power in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Growing your own food is the best way to cultivate health.

I am a registered dietitian with my own private practice. I am a freelance writer too - check out recent work here and on my blog. This blog is my space to share all things food - great recipes, fun pictures and tips to maximize your health - without damaging your wallet or the planet. The best part? They taste great! It is only good nutrition if you eat it!

Outside of the kitchen, I enjoy biking, gardening and traveling. Good nutrition was the foundation of my bicycle ride from New York to DC. My favorite meal is brunch. 

Are you interested in sponsorship or collaboration? Please drop me a line at halarson[at]mail[dot]com.

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