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Monday, December 31, 2012

For The Mamas & the Papas: Cranberry lime infused vodka

Two of my very best friends on this earth I have known since before we had driver's licenses. Our lives have taken us around the globe over the years, but we always manage to be in Ohio, together, for our annual Christmas party.  This year, I decided to be in charge of cocktails and got the prep work done while home over Thanksgiving. This project is very easy, it just needs some time to infuse.

I used a very sharp paring knife to remove pieces of lime peel from two limes. In a 1 quart mason jar (or any jar with a tight-fitting lid) I layered the lime peel pieces with fresh, whole cranberries. I poured plain vodka into the jar and closed the lid tightly - that's it!

When I came home for Christmas, the limes had faded so I was guessing that it was ready to go! For our Christmas party, I mixed the infused vodka with ginger ale and garnished the cocktails with some cranberries and a lime wedge. They sure looked pretty and they tasted even better!

Happy New Year! Enjoy the evening - please don't drink and drive.

You may also like my blackberry infused vodka - keep this recipe on hand for next summer when the berries are in season!

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