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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Moving on the road: 4 tips to stay active on the road

How to be active while traveling? This can be a challenge! Read these four tips to staying active, even if you are on the road!
  • Use an app: your phone can guide you through anything from a 5k training schedule, how to get  to 100 pushups or even yoga. Try some apps and pick a favorite.
  • Prepare and prioritize.We get done what we prioritize. If you're planning to walk during your next trip, make sure that you have appropriate clothes and shoes. If you plan to do yoga, pack a mat. Think about the planned schedule and plug in when you'll be doing the exercise. If you treat it like an important important in your day, it will get done!
  • Take a Walk. Even ten minutes of walking is useful to our metabolism. Use it as a healthy escape from a long to-do list and come back more refreshed. Take a few flights of stairs if you're in a tall building. Walking will improve our carbohydrate metabolism and is most useful after meals!
  • Use YouTube. My favorite channel is Fitness Blender; they're a great collection of exercise videos that require minimal equipment or no equipment, they don't have music and the instructors are no muss, no fuss. I'm not motivated by a hyper instructor that sounds like a gerbil!

How do you stay active on the road?

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