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Thursday, October 4, 2012

For The Mamas & the Papas: Blackberry infused vodka

Summer is wrapping up, but I have had one summer project in the works that I forgot about...and just rediscovered. Earlier in the summer, I went to Butler's Orchard and picked a bunch of fresh blackberries. I ate a bunch, used some to make Basil Blackberry Jam, a basil and blackberry salad with goat cheese and I also topped toast with the fruit to lower added sugars (I only use jam occasionally). I even froze some and later used those to make Berry Compote. Lots of blackberry deliciousness, but I forgot I had one last project up my sleeve...I had infused vodka with blackberries!

This project is so easy! You pour vodka into a larger jar, add your fresh berries and let infuse for at least a week (I had it in the cupboard for at bit longer). Strain out the fruit and add some sugar. That's it! The fresh, sun ripened flavor of the fruit is perfectly preserved in the liquor. Try is simply over ice, with a splash of seltzer or ginger ale or in any number of cocktails. I can't wait to try some different mixers!

Note: most of my produce scraps (except for citrus or onions) go into my worm bin composter. I refrained from adding the left over fruit from this project as I didn't know what the proper drinking age is for worms...didn't want to get the little guys drunk :)

If you want something fancy to infuse or serve your vodka in, or to make a big batch of punch in, this glass infuser was well reviewed on amazon and is eligible for prime shipping. When I have my own house, I'd love something like this :)

Blackberry infused vodka
1 small (750ml) of vodka (nothing fancy)
2-3 cups of fresh berries (frozen doesn't work well)
1/2 - 1 cup sugar
  1. Give berries a quick rinse. Place in your large container - any glass jar with a tight fitting lid works well. Pour in your vodka.
  2. Screw lid on tightly and place jar in a dark place and let infuse for 1 week or longer - depending on when you remember about your project :)
  3. Strain fruit from your vodka and add sugar to taste. I thought 1/2 cup was sufficient, but many other recipes online called for more. Up to you!
I used a huge jar that used to hold artichoke hearts - Reduce, reuse, recycle, right?
The soaked berries look pretty weird!
Add sugar to your taste buds!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm :)

Reader poll: What is your favorite cocktail? How would you use fruit infused vodka?

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